Management Team

John Wiebe, President and CEO, The GLOBE Foundation

Dr. John D. Wiebe is President & CEO of the GLOBE Group of Companies, having started the GLOBE Foundation in 1993, a renowned environmental business group headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. Dr. Wiebe is an internationally known expert on environmental business and the application of sustainability principles to business ventures, recognized most recently in September 2011 as one of Corporate Knight's Clean16, naming him one of 16 individuals who have done the most to advance the cause of sustainability and clean capitalism in Canada.

Dr. Wiebe has managed projects and advised governments and corporations in all parts of the world for the past 30 years. Until May of 2005 he was also the President  & CEO of the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada and until April of 2007 was Chairman of the Board of the Canadian Education Centre Network and Global Schools Inc. with operations throughout the world.  He has been a senior executive with the Government of Canada and served on the National Roundtable on Environment and the Economy where he chaired the Capital Markets taskforce. He is a past Chair of the Vancouver Economic Development Commission and a past Director of  the International Centre for Sustainable Cities, the McCrae Institute, Desert Gold Corporation, Boltons Capital Corp. and on the Advisory Boards of  the Simon Fraser University Business School, the Banff School of Management and the East West Center.

He currently serves as the Chairman of Green Table Network and as a Director of Tonbridge Power Inc., the International Finance Centre, Eco Canada and is Chairman of the Advisory Board of Ecosystem Restoration Associates Ltd.  Dr. Wiebe is active on a variety of Commissions, Advisory Boards and Committees both nationally and internationally dealing with issues of sustainability.

He is a member of the United Nations Finance Initiative's Expert Group on Responsible Investment and serves on the Advisory Council of the Independent Power Producers Forum in Asia.  In 2003 he was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal by the Governor General of Canada.

Christopher Henderson, Chairman, The Delphi Group

Christopher Henderson is Founder and Chairman of The Delphi Group, Canada's leading strategic consulting firm in the environment and clean energy sectors headquartered in Ottawa.  He currently leads Lumos Energy, and has been a senior advisor, partner and Board member to numerous clean energy companies over the past 18 years. 

For nearly two decades Chris has been a tireless advocate for business and societal sustainability. His efforts have been made as an individual, a professional consultant, a public speaker, and a member of numerous civil society organizations. Chris' impact has changed and influenced a wide array of sustainability issues. He is widely acknowledged nationally and globally as one of Canadas foremost thinkers on sustainability innovation, notably in the areas of: Business, Environment and Competitiveness; Health and the Environment; Environmental Technologies and Markets; Environment and Sustainability Policy, and Clean Energy and Climate Change. Chris not only advocates the business and societal sustainability principles, but he has also proven that these concepts are possible to implement.

As managing director of the EXCEL Partnership, Chris has championed many business and sustainability activities associated with this initiative. He enables the exchange of ideas and experiences to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of corporate environmental and sustainable development activities.


Ted Ferguson, Vice President Energy and Environment, The Delphi Group

Ted is the Vice President of the Energy and Environment business unit at the Delphi Group. This area of Delphi's operations is designed to respond to the growing demand in North America and worldwide for innovative and sustainable solutions to issues related to energy consumption and production. Ted assists companies and government policy makers to better understand how sustainable energy policies and practices can lead to improved financial, environmental and social performance. Ted also leads this business unit's services to companies and governments trying to solve complex policy and management needs around corporate greenhouse gas regulations and policy.

Ted is an expert in the fields of sustainable energy solutions, corporate sustainability and climate change. He has worked for leading edge companies and initiatives which seek to bridge the gap between business needs, energy issues, environmental concerns, and long-term sustainability.

Ted applies his expertise as a 'sustainability business partner' to Delphi's management of the EXCEL Partnership. In this capacity he works to assist EXCEL members in integrating sustainability thinking for better corporate performance across all three bottom lines.

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